Frequently asked questions

We are located in Pretoria,  Co Netcare and Garsfontein Road, Moreleta Park. We operate from a 1600 sqm printing facility.
Prices include printing and binding. Shipping is quoted separately.
No – we provide free test prints and cover swatches.
We ship to any where is South Africa using converjex – click here for our shipping policy.
7 working days excluding shipping. Shipping is an additional 3 working days.
sRGB is the best color profile for photographic printing. We recommend that you order our free screen calibration and test prints for perfect results.
Yes, we offer professional colour correction at affordable pricing.
You can order via our desktop software available for free under the downloads section of our website.
You are required to register with us via our website in order to receive access to pricing and specials. Your registration will take two business day to process and approve. Our products are only available to professional businesses.
All payment is made exclusively online with Credit Card (Master card, Visa or American Express) or EFT with our payment gateway.
Only if your order is above $ 800
Keep it in the box and avoid contact with sunlight and liquids. You can clean it with a slightly damp cloth.
We offer a 100 % quality guarantee – click here for our return policy.
Changes will only be made if we have been notified within 1 business hour
Yes as long as your order hasn't been process.
Prolab offers a lifetime warranty if the Album is correctly looked after and not mishandled.
Our servers clear all order files after 3 days.

Software Questions

Yes, you can if the project was created using version 3 of our Software. Simply click on and choose from the selection available and click "Change". Please note that the ‘Change’ option does not work with projects created in earlier versions of our software.
All our Photobooks and Designer Albums start with the minimum required amount of pages. You will be able to add additional pages, but you won’t be able to create fewer pages than the minimum amount of pages.
It is free software that facilitates our creative publishing services, turning your photos, journals, business plans, proposals, recipes, portfolios, or any other content into a bookstore-quality book. This software allows you to simply drag and drop pictures and to place texts into professionally-designed templates, with easy-to-use design effects, backgrounds, page styles, and colour palettes to customize your own book. A wide variety of book sizes, as well as cover materials, are available for you.
Yes it is 100% free to use! Just download the software and begin creating your books/albums. You don't pay until you've successfully saved / uploaded your book/album and are ready to complete your order so you can create test projects and find the right product to suit your requirements.
Your book is stored on your computer. This allows you to work on your book even if you're offline, and it makes creating your book a lot faster than if you were building it online. We receive the encrypted order files of your book once you click 'Order' to submit your book for printing. But you'll still retain the original project on your computer so that you can edit, share, or order it again. However, if you move the photo folder or individual photo files, the software won’t be able to reference their location so it’s best not to move or modify these files after starting. You will receive a ‘missing images’ error if you move your photos.

The minimum system requirements to use our software are:

  • Mac OSX 10.4 or higher; Windows Vista or Windows 7/10
  • at or above a 2.66 GHz processor
  • 2 GB RAM
  • 5 GB free hard disk space (at all times)
  • An active internet connection

We recommend a fast broadband connection, and when uploading your project to our servers we recommend against a wireless, satellite or Dial-up connection as these connection types can cause uploading issues and a delay in delivery time.

Yes, our software is 100% compatible with Mac operating systems. Please ensure to check the specifications on the software disc or download page for the Mac systems supported by the different versions of the software.
Our software has been tested and works on Windows Vista and Windows 7 and Windows 10 Operating Systems.
There's evidence that the editor works on older versions of Windows (such as XP, 98, 2000, ME, NT etc..), however we only performed proper testing on Windows Vista and Windows 7/10 and we only offer support for these 3 versions of Windows.

When using the software to create your projects, you won’t require an internet connection. After completing your project, you will require an active internet connection to complete the online order process, to upload your order to our server if you choose to and while saving your order for disc delivery.

We recommend a fast broadband / adsl connection, and when uploading your project to our servers we recommend against a wireless, satellite or Dial-up connection as these connection types can cause uploading issues.

The internet connection will also allow/enable you to check for the most recent updates on the software, which is a very important component when using our software.

In theory, any internet connection should be sufficient to upload your project to our servers. Unfortunately in practice this isn't always the case.

Dial-Up, Satellite and Wireless based internet connections are notoriously unreliable, and while you may not notice this in general web browsing, there can sometimes be issues sustaining a large file upload.

We'd highly recommend using an ADSL, ADSL2+ or Cable broadband internet connection when uploading your orders to our servers.

It may take a 'fair' while to upload a Photobook / album on a Dial-up or satellite connection, but it should work.
If you do experience difficulties when uploading via a Dial-Up or Satellite connection, please contact us and we'll provide you the alternate options for sending your order files.