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Prolab Conditions of Service

1| Software Updates

Kindly update your version of our ordering software in order to enjoy optimal functionality. Contact client care to confirm the latest version. Please check for updates every time you open the software. Only download the products that you intend to use, downloading all products will slow down your system.

2| Voucher Codes

Kindly do not share voucher codes with third parties.

The voucher code must be entered into the payment gateway in order to be validated, should you forget to use the voucher code Prolab will not refund the discount.

3| The Shopping Cart function

When smaller duplicates are sent separately from the main album we incur administration costs which make the free give-away or discount impossible to sustain. Please use the shopping cart function to send multiple items collectively as one order.

4| Shipping & Delivery

• Delivery of multiple orders:

If you want orders delivered together please use the shopping cart function – this is only available on the desktop version of our software which you can download for free from our website. We cannot group orders via email – delivery costs are calculated per individual order placed in the software. Remember the item with the longest turn-around time will determine when your order is shipped.

• Shipping address:

The information that is entered in our ordering software under shipping address is where we will send the order.

• Change of address:

Please email us within 48 hours before the shipping date.We cannot accept last minute changes to shipping addresses or telephonic instructions.

• Delivery to your client:

Simply change the shipping address of the particular order in the software – that is where we will send the order. Remember to change it back to your address again for future orders. If you do not want the invoice included in the order kindly instruct to this effect under the section called “special instructions” in our ordering software. Please do not email us this instruction.

• Third Party Couriers:

Prolab do not allow you to send your own courier to collect from us. We care about your order as much as you do, so we would like to send it to you with people that we trust and who we know will take great care. Our couriers guarantee service and we are able to track and manage your order delivery.


ProLab is committed to client satisfaction and stands behind the quality of every product we make with a 100% Guarantee against any actual defects in manufacturing or workmanship. However, we cannot accept responsibility for client-created errors beyond our control, such as mishandling the products, mistakes in typing, grammar, design, image resolution, image quality or errors in user-selected options like product type, size, and printing and paper options.

Please preview your project carefully and fix any errors prior to ordering.

Our Returns policy:

If you are unhappy with the quality of your merchandise, please contact us within 24 hours of receiving your order to discuss your concern with one of our friendly client service representatives.

Prolab will only provide a refund or a replacement of merchandise due to a manufacturing defect that was caused by Prolab. You are required to return the defective product with the original invoice for our inspection prior to any refund being processed.

Because these are custom products created by you, Prolab is not able to provide refunds or replacement of merchandise with user-generated defects such as typos, misspellings, design or layout errors, poor image quality, low image resolution, mistakes in selecting product size, product type, paper selection, or printing options or failure to remember or use vouchers.

Client initiated product damage:

Prolab also does not provide refunds or replacement for damage to products caused by normal wear-and-tear, unusual handling, or usage, or treatment.

Print color variations:

Please be aware that although Prolab uses sophisticated digital presses and color calibration techniques, slight color variations may occur book-to-book or from the colors of your computer screen. These slight color variations are normal and will not be refunded. To get a refund or replacement of merchandise please note that you are required to return the defective product for inspection and investigation. 

Consent for Processing Personal Information

Consent for Processing Personal Information I understand that Prolab requires certain Personal Information to be able to process my/our orders and consent to Prolab processing and sharing this with third parties, where and only where this is necessary. Such third parties may include Aramex etc. Prolab undertakes to only use Personal Information in accordance with the POPI Act. For more information on Prolab’s undertaking, please visit our website to view our Privacy Notice.