DUNE KAHLAU – Destination Wedding Photographer

We at PROLAB love getting to know our fellow Pro’s. We had an interview with Dune from Dune Kahlau Photography and we want to share all of the wisdom and tips this young lady has to offer. We hope you enjoy getting to know Dune as much as we do!

The Questionnaire


What is your name and what is your photography business name?

Dune Kahlau-Burger, Dune Kahlau Photography


How long have you been actively involved in the industry?

8 Years


How did you get started?

My mentor aka my mother (Elizabeth Olivier-Kahlau) was a wedding photographer. She introduced me into this beautiful wedding industry and I instantly fell in love with it. Being her Second Shooter and assistant during my school years really though me a lot! After university I pursued my dream to be a destination wedding photographer, combining my love for traveling and weddings


Are you part-time or full-time?



Do you have any formal training?

I completed my degree and honours degree marketing at the university of Potchefstroom, I never studied photography. Everything I know is self-thought, wedding workshops and Mr Google.


What type pf camera/equipment do you use?

Camera: Nikon d850 (loooove this baby of mine) , lenses: 70-200 mm, 105 mm, 50 mm


How many weddings have you shot in total, and how many of those were you the lead photographer for?

Mmm I don’t count but in total over the 100 and I would guess 60 of those on my own.


Why go to a professional destination photographer for your wedding?

Your wedding photos are the most important investment of your entire wedding, you want to feel confident with the best professional wedding photographer by your side. A professional wedding photographer knows all the travel ins and outs, feels confident traveling with photography equipment and delivers the most beautiful wedding photos of any location


How do you characterize your style of photography?

Timeless, soft, romantic


Do you own a studio?

Nope, shoot on locations.


If someone decide to book you, what is the process?

Let’s have a coffee and some Nutella pancakes and chat about all your wedding details.


Do you travel? How often?

YES! I wish I could go each month to a different country with my hubby, but on average we travel once in every 4 months.


Do you travel to meet clients?



What happens if travel or weather delays happen?

That’s why we always travel a few days in advance to the destination and there is truly no weather situation that will stop us from taking gorgeous photos. (Okay wait maybe a tsunami but so far we were lucky with that)


What has been your favourite destination to shoot at?

NEW YORK!! It truly is the city of dreams! I loved New York and will go back any day!


What are some of the biggest challenges faced when working as a destination photographer?

In the beginning to travel alone but now my hubby, Schalk, travels with me. He is also my second shooter and assistant.


What is the best way to get started in the industry of destination wedding photography?

Facebook targeted adds.


What do you enjoy the most about your work?

Traveling to different countries and creating beautiful content.


Where will your work be taking you this year?

Paris & Santorini


What projects are you looking forward to?

I am busy working on a mentoring workshop to inspire and help upcoming photographers being successful in this competitive environment. If you would be interested in this please pop me an email: dune@dunekahlauphotography.com    

The Video

Some of her work

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