Colour Management

Consistently reproduce colour in your photography.

Colour management is the process in which we achieve control over colour and tone of digital images making it possible to consistently reproduce colour with predictable results.

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Monitor Calibration

1. Monitor Stabilization Image

Information on how to calibrate your monitor.

In order to calibrate your monitor you will need to purchase a monitor calibration device to create a monitor profile.

This device attaches to the front of your monitor and reads colour patches displayed by the software, using these readings the software removes colour casts from your screen and optimises the brightness/contrast/colour output by creating a monitor profile. There are numerous calibration devices available, for advice on purchasing a device and for prices please go to www.nativedigital.com

When you use the calibration device you will be asked to set some parameters. We would recommend starting with a target whitepoint of 6500k and Gamma 2.2. As your working environment will influence how you see colour on your monitor you may have to alter these parameters.

After calibration it is important to check your monitor matches prints produced by our printers then we can print test prints from your files free of charge.

Calibrating your monitor is the first step in achieving monitor to print match. The next step is embedding your files with an ICC profile. We recommend you use sRGB as this has the closest gamut to photographic paper.

Before any attempt is made to set your monitor give it time to stabilize.

2. Monitor Setup Resolution

Set your monitor to the native or recommended resolution on LCD monitors for best results.

3. Monitor setup Bit Depth

Make sure you monitor is in High Colour, 24bit or higher.



Open Photoshop

Windows & Mac users:

Go to the Edit menu > Colour Settings


Working Spaces: RGB

Windows & Mac users:

Select sRGB IEC61966-2.1. As your RGB working space.


Colour Management Policies Windows & Mac users:

Select ‘Preserve Embedded Profiles' next to RGB under Colour Management



Profile Mismatches Tick the check box ‘Ask When Opening’ and ‘Ask When Pasting’ next to Profile Mismatches.


Missing Profiles Whenever you open a file that is saved and tagged in a colour space other than your working space, Photoshop will prompt you to convert to the working space if you would rather have Photoshop do this automatically for every file you can un tick the ‘Ask When Opening’ box next to Missing Profiles.


Save as new Default

Soft Proofing

Soft Proofing with Photoshop

Soft proofing is a function within Photoshop that allows the image displayed on your monitor to match the photographic prints produced by our printers. The output profiles we provide are only intended to be used in conjunction with Photoshop and the soft proofing function DO NOT convert your images to these profiles. Converting an image to one of these profiles and submitting the image for production will result in the image being incorrectly printed. All files should be submitted in sRGB.

Soft proofing

Displays the files based on the printer colour space in conjunction with the monitor profile. The image file itself is not altered, the pixel values of the image remain untouched. The pixels displayed on the monitor are mapped so the colours of the image are as close as possible to what a final print would look like.

Black and White - Image 001
Black and White - Image 002
Black and White - Image 003
Black and White - Image 004

Download Test File

Step 1

Download the Test File - Click Here

Step 2

Open the QPhoto Calibration Image in Photoshop

Step 3

Once the QPhoto Calibration Image is Open compare with the hardcopy supplied.

If the monitor matches correctly with the hardcopy use these settings when editing or retouching in Photoshop.

If not manually calibrate your screen to improve the result.

Check if this improves the display when compared with the hard copy.

Step 4 – How to order your Free Test Print

Once you have calibrated your screen you can check your colour by ordering a free test print.

You can ORDER YOUR FREE TEST PRINT by ordering on the Designer Pro Portfolio Software or on the Q Photo Online software.