10 Of The Best Photography Articles You Should Have Read By Now

Article #1

10 Upgrades for 2019

By David Duchemin

Brief Description: This is a must read to kick off your year the right way. If you’ve wondered whether your gear needs an upgrade, then think again. Here is an article that’ll tell you how to improve other areas in order to up your game.

Link: https://davidduchemin.com/2019/01/10-upgrades-for-2019/

Article #2

A Flash in The Sky! Actually, Three of Them…

By Joe McNally

Brief Description: Shooting from the sky can pose a few challenges, specifically the controlling of light without the aid of bounce flash. So, how is it done?

Link: https://blog.joemcnally.com/2019/01/14/a-flash-in-the-sky-actually-three-of-them/

Article #3

Gestalt Perception in Photography

By Anton Gorlin

Brief Description: “Gestalt psychology is an attempt to find laws and principles of how our mind organizes the seemingly chaotic world and describes how we get and perceive meaningful information.” This premise ties in nicely with the art of photography in order to improve the overall perception of your work. Learn more about how the gestalt laws can be applied in your work.

Link: https://antongorlin.com/blog/gestalt-perception-in-photography/

Article #4

Importing and Exporting Smart Collection Settings

By Rob Sylvan | Lightroom Killer Tips

Brief Description: This is an interesting read because the author collected 12 smart collections, one for each month of every year since 2000 to the current year. See his smart collection – maybe you’ll be inspired to do something similar.

Link: https://lightroomkillertips.com/importing-and-exporting-smart-collection-settings/

Article #5

5 Ways Modern Photographers Can Find Inspiration in Classic Art

By Hillary Grigonis | Creative Live

Brief Description: Many of the technique’s photographers use today come from before the first camera was invented. So, what does this trend look like, and how can you as a photographer find inspiration in it while also making it your own?

Link: https://www.creativelive.com/blog/5-ways-modern-photographers-can-find-inspiration-in-classic-art/

Article #6

How to Make an Image Black and White in Photoshop & Lightroom

By Craig Hull | Expert Photography

Brief Description: Every photographer should try their hand at black and white photography, simply because some images would be more pleasing on the eye with the colour removed. Here’s a great article on how to effortlessly achieve this using either Photoshop or Lightroom.

Link: https://expertphotography.com/make-image-black-and-white/

Article #7

Exposure Beyond the Camera Manual

By Susan Kanfer | Photo Focus

Brief Description: “You reviewed the camera manual and completed an online tutorial. You did everything you thought you were supposed to do. And yet, your photographs aren’t exposed the way you want them to be.” This article contains extensive research and helpful information on how to perfect your exposure and make sure it works for you every time.

Link: https://photofocus.com/photography/exposure-beyond-the-camera-manual/

Article #8

7 Ways Photographers Can Utilize Online Forms for Efficiency

By Chad Reid | The Law Tog

Brief Description: An online form builder is crucial for small photography businesses and can be used as a one-stop shop for creating online contracts, managing client intake, handling model contracts, giving quotes, gathering signatures on final approvals, and even receiving payment for services.

Link: https://thelawtog.com/7-ways-photographers-can-utilize-online-forms/

Article #9

Toxicity is Rampant in the World of Photography and There’s No Need for it

By Brett Day | The Phoblographer

Brief Description: Things can get personal and messy in the comment sections of the internet. Here’s an article which looks closer at the issue’s photographers face online, and why it’s just totally unnecessary.

Link: https://www.thephoblographer.com/2019/02/04/toxicity-is-rampant-in-the-world-of-photography-and-theres-no-need-for-it/

Article #10

Taking Great Photos Means Nothing If You’re Missing This

By Bryan Caporicci | Sprout Studio

Brief Description: No matter how great your photography, if you don’t give a great experience through-and- through, you will fail your clients. This piece deals with the importance of having the right relationship with your clients, and how to handle situations where you’re put on the spot as a professional.

Link: https://sproutingphotographer.com/taking-great-photos-means-nothing-youre-missing/

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